a cosmic justice

can only be had on a world
where the only valid religion

the cosmic religion

will by all residents
being their goal

for the fulfillment of all
driving on every day

so there be no injustice
and each contributing
to the fulfillment of all



got to

why do we have in afghanistan
a taliban government ?

because the citizens there
are not dumb enough

believing in a sham religion
where men enslaved
to die out


over the world even


to save and repair this world
we need a global religious order
based on the vision

of creation

where there is no dogma
no holy injustice
no death

neither by humans
nor of nature

but perfect sustainability

through cosmic



to never doing any more harm
so not a single last minute flight
to no where else

as the end of everything


the love of always just helping
so always just take your boat everywhere
and never be un interested again
in such a fun

the love of good food

so you take an empty cucumber glass
and fill it with linseed an inch

then add the 4x water and put it by the window
then first all the water is drawn up
then you can put that in any other

then after a few more days it sprouts
then you have the perfect complement
to coconut oil or other sprouts
made from raw chick peas

then the love for everything that harms
accuse > destroy >

argue against the wall

then the love of always arguing
to argue better and better
for better and better

recognize everything > know > understand

to create

a humanity

should the russian federation

not have marched into ukrania
then they would soon be invaded by nato
there on actual Russian territory
speak Donbass > Crimea !!!

so the naval port of russia for 200 years !!!
soon nato would have marched into

so russia
would have beem conquered soon
and now comes the spectacular
in this constellation
the whole west

this forced into march
this self defense
not at all !

but is talking about an aggression !

the only nations
the constraint of the russian federation
notice for defense

are china
north korea

if humans do not use this as proof
recognize >

that the west is not legally competent
since no human beings can exist there

then the conclusive proof
that they are not human

only cattle can do all this
be.... here in the west

dawning life

general mobilization !

general appeal to all people
to save their world from the total
dumbing down

to being an idiot >

where the freedom of speech
prescribing the denial of reality
the fanning on the mass of insanity
where the madmans nightmare
being in power >

0 > defending invalid borders

1 > no nato east expansion promised

2 > non implementation of the minsk treaty

3 > human rights not enforceable since 1951

4 > predators eat away all food

5 > vitamin C must be sublimated

6 > dr mengele shlaughtering

7 > pharmaceutical drugs

8 > climate

the solution would be

the argumentocracy

should anyone know the history of ukraine
and study russia

then he will recognize
that ukraine has never been close to the coast
and no cities have founded  by them there
since they simply done farming

and kiev was founded
for the external politicians
these peasants ruled
and guarding

the thenth century

mean while
Katherina did in the 18th century
founding odessa as a war port
just like the crimea

being russian
and the donbass region

that was just for the sake of simplicity
included while in the soviet union
since the russian population at that time
guaranteed being safe

and then at the division
of the soviet union
was promised

that there be no nato east enlargement
so the rf can not prevent anything else
but that nato on russian territory
terrorize their own citizens

because just like the vanity union of europe
everyone in the west being made stupid
by united shames

that yes provable
slaughtered all these indian tribes
and because that shit of a president

today this president of the russian federation
naming a butcher

because he prevent the dictatorship
of nato on russian territory

after years of trying
to settle this diplomatically

the because of this pharisee
these farmers fanned on like a f├╝hrer
fanned these idiots here in the country
with a nationalism

who then any one resisting
bombed to death

because ukrania has no right at all
to defend their borders as legal

because the limits are not valid at all
but neither one knows that

the president of united shames
and another president of
the vanity union

europian union

they only know how to tell fairy tales
turned all the way around

and this warmonger ukraine
delivering weapons for a longer war
so the west being the butcher

not the rf

who only acting in defense
while everyone tilting the climate
because there being not any

and without order there being no future
there can be no present

the problem ?

that all those 8 xxx millions
are idiots having nothing else
but to having other idiots

having nothing but idiots
wanting nothing but idiots cherishing other idiots

meaning all those dumb dogs

all those other animals
cherishing all those idiots
all this reality turning around

all these
under nature harm

thousand million predatory animals

in the seas
in the countryside
in the air

eating away
all the nourishments
all those humans

all this military power
all this police aggression
all this power seizure

pushing onto every human

and not one argument
what they are doing

or how it should be

fitting for a human being
a paradice on planet dirt

the power seizure of the federal republic

dawning life

sapiens foundation

galactic central information